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Our Mission



The New Lenox Fire Foundation is a non-profit organization that is composed of volunteers who strive to provide the New Lenox Fire District with the most elite and up to date equipment that is needed to benefit the community. All of the items purchased exceed the budget of the New Lenox Fire District, and have been purchased with money raised from the Foundation.

The Save-A-Life Raffle is an annual program to raise funds to support the Save-A-Life program. This program enables the NLFPD Foundation to provide New Lenox Fire District with lifesaving equipment.

Due to the generosity of local business owners who continue to support the NLFPD Foundation efforts, we have the following cash prizes: Grand Prize is $5,000; 2nd Place Prize is $1000; and 3rd Place Prize is $500. The grand prize drawing will be held April 5, 2020 at New Lenox Fire Station 1, 261 E. Maple Street (US Route 30).

President Rosemary DiBenedetto
Liz Schwenke
Audra Lori
​Sean Hastings

Bill McCollum (Non-Voting Member)

Tom Sauter (Non-Voting Member)